About me

Welcome! I'm Quentin Cavalan, a researcher passionate about understanding how beliefs influence decision-making. I developed a solid foundation in quantitative analysis during my engineering degree at ENSAE (National School of Statistics and Economic Administration), and subsequently earned a Ph.D. in Economics from Paris 1 University and the Paris School of Economics in 2023. 

My research lies at the crossroads of economics and psychology, focusing on deepening our understanding of metacognition -individuals' ability to monitor and regulate their own cognitive processes- and its influence on labor market decisions. I primarily employ laboratory experiments to investigate these topics. I enjoy coding experiments, brainstorming experimental designs, analyzing data, and creating insightful visualizations in my publications  using R. I also enjoy teaching, and I taught a variety of subjects, including macroeconomics, microeconomics (with a focus on game theory and industrial organization), and the history of economic thought to both undergraduate and graduate students.

I'm currently working at Sorbonne University as an ATER (Non-Tenured Teaching and Research Associate), where I oversee an undergraduate introductory economics course while concurrently pursuing my own research. In addition to my academic pursuits, I am deeply committed to fostering interdisciplinary collaborations as I believe that integrating insights from diverse fields enhances our understanding of human behavior and its ramifications.  

Beyond academia, I find joy in playing and composing music. I am currently involved in several bands, serving as the double bassist for Répons', and exploring various synths and machines with Kaarg and Aywaz

I'm looking for a job in academia starting in September 2024!

Feel free to reach out to me via email at quentin.cavalan@hotmail.fr